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Managing Unscheduled Updates to the documentation

Follow this process to manage unscheduled requests for changes to the documentation.



Document Owner


When you receive a feedback email from a user (or some other change request), decide the validity of the changes and determine how urgent the request is. Consider the impact on other documents (for example, is the change likely to be needed in other places too?).



If the change is urgent, send the required changes to Streamliners.

If the change can wait until the next scheduled review, file it for later consideration.



When change requests arrive from CDHB, check that they are correctly authorised (look up the Document Owner). If you have any queries about ownership, contact the Administration and Facilities Manager.



If appropriate, make the changes and update the Release Notes with a brief description of the nature of the change.



Publish the draft to the Streamliners drafting site and notify the document owner that it is ready to review.

Document Owner


Review the draft and request further changes, if required. When you are happy that the documentation is correct, and have involved as many of the other stakeholders as appropriate, email Streamliners with permission to update the live site.



When you receive permission to release the document, update the live site.

Document Owner


Notify all staff affected by the change.

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