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Pregabalin Information Sheet


Dosing recommendations

Doses in normal renal function range from 150 to 600 mg per day. As for most medicines, consider lowest doses in frail or elderly patients.


Clearance and half-life

Pregabalin is cleared renally (like gabapentin) with 90% excreted unchanged so dose adjustments are required for renal function:


initial dose/day

max dose/day

no. of doses/day

> 60 mL/min

150 mg/day

600 mg/day

in 2 doses

30–60 mL/min

75 mg/day

300 mg/day

in 1 or 2 doses

15–30 mL/min

25–50 mg/day

150 mg/day

in 1 or 2 doses

<15 mL/min

25 mg/day

75 mg/day

in 1 dose

after haemodialysis

(single dose)

initially 25 mg/day

max. 100 mg

Adverse drug reactions (ADR)

1 in 3 patients will be harmed by pregabalin (but this may be less than gabapentin).

It has many ADRs, including:

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